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01484 512752

The Media Centre, 7 Northumberland Street, Huddersfield HD1 1RL

Podcasting: From Listener to Broadcaster: Unveiling the Art and Technique of podcasting

Mon 19 Feb / 9.30am – 3pm

The workshop will cover a comprehensive guide on establishing a podcast, covering aspects such as interviewing techniques and a project plan: Aims, Objectives, strategy, content creation, outcomes, technical setup, interview techniques and audience engagement strategies. Learners will be able to work with each other to produce the best possible outcomes for their podcast.

Crafting Compelling Narratives: Techniques in Journalism and Media Production

Fri 23 Feb / 10am – 4pm

This training course will provide a taste of the dynamic world of journalism and media. Covering fundamental principles, ethical considerations, and practical skills, this course equips aspiring journalists with the tools needed to navigate the evolving media landscape.

Videography: Mastering the Lens: Unveiling the Art and Technique of Videography

Mon 26 Feb / 9.30am – 3pm

The program offers aspiring filmmakers a course on filming for beginners and the principles of videography, providing a solid foundation in visual storytelling. The workshop will feature interview techniques, camera framing the subject, camera handling, and presentation skills.

Dynamic Delivery: Elevating Your Presentation Skills for Professional Success

Fri 8 March / 10am – 4pm

This training course is designed to empower you with the essential tools and techniques to deliver impactful and engaging presentations. Through interactive sessions, practical exercises, and personalised feedback, you will gain confidence, polish your delivery style, and learn to captivate your audience. 

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01484 843030

22 Bridge St, Slaithwaite, Huddersfield HD7 5JN

Lantern Making for Community Arts Events

Fri 1 March 2024 / 6pm – 9pm

Develop your skills in making illuminated images using tissue and willow for a community arts event. Discover how to facilitate this activity within your creative arts work, to bring people together, learn new skills and participate in celebration.

Introduction to Music Technology

Tues 5 March 2024 / 6pm – 9pm

An introduction to using computer-based DAW’s such as Logic Pro X & Ableton Live to create digital music. Learning how to program drum sounds, add midi instrumentation and record live audio.

Drama Facilitation

Fri 8 March 2024 / 6pm – 9pm

Develop your skills in facilitating drama workshops for a range of different age groups. Discover how these skills build a creative safe space for learning, exploring and devising performance material. 


Tues 12 March 2024 / 6pm – 9pm

Learn how to create your own podcast. Working in small groups you will develop interviewing and presenting skills, consider how to explore topics in an interesting and creative way, learn the basics of audio recording and editing and combine all these skills together to produce a short podcast.

Song Writing

Tues 19 March 2024 / 6pm – 9pm

Exploring the exquisite art of song writing, how to craft new ideas into fully formed songs with a focus on lyric writing, chord structures, arrangement, instrumentation and feel. Fun and accessible techniques to create all the elements that make up a song which we will write and perform in the session.

Event Management

Tues 26 March 2024 / 6pm – 9pm

Learn what goes on behind the scenes of running creative events and how to deliver them. This workshop will give you the opportunity to conceive, develop and plan their own creative vision and share the skills needed to achieve a successful event.

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(Director, Huddersfield Literature Festival)

Five creative writing workshops for Aspire Creating Communities groups, based across Huddersfield.


Aspire runs a network of community groups for people over 55 across Kirklees. The vibrant and welcoming groups build confidence, creativity and connection. 


The creative writing workshops will involve discussion and writing inspired by photographs.

Dates and times:

Tues 7 May / 10am – 12pm

Ashbrow Group: The Chestnut Centre, 2a Chestnut Street, Deighton, HD2 1H


Thurs 9 May / 1.30pm – 3.30pm

Newsome Group: Berry Brow Church, Birch Road, Newsome, HD4 7LP


Fri 10 May / 10am – 12pm

Birkby Croft Group: Birkby Croft, 9 Crescent Road, Birkby, HD2 2UG


Mon 13 May / 10am – 12pm

Dalton Group: Moldgreen United Reform Church 

319 Old Wakefield Road, Dalton, HD5 8AA


Mon 13 May / 1.30pm – 3.30pm

Almondbury Group: St Michael & St Helen's Church, 149 Fleminghouse Lane, Huddersfield, HD5 8UD

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Wellbeing Workshops with S2R

S2R Create Space, Brook Street, Huddersfield HD1 1EB (unless otherwise stated)

Introduction to Hand Tools: Tues 23 April, 10am – 1pm

Gain your confidence using a selection of hand tools, like hammers, hand drills, saws and crow bars. We will go through the health and safety and best practice of how to use the tools, then cover the basics of how to measure and cut wood, how to use a drill to create holes and to put in a screw, plus how to take apart a pallet ready to upcycle.

Introduction to Aromatherapy: Tues 21 May, 10am – 1pm

Learn about the beneficial properties of essential oils for our physical and mental wellbeing. We will look at what essential oils are, how they can be used, plus we will try over 30 different essential oils and learn how to create a harmonious personalised blend that can be used at home.

Introduction to Preserves: Tues 2 July, 10am – 1pm

Learn how to preserve your left-over vegetables, whether they are home grown or from the shop. We will discuss what preserves are and different type of preserves, plus make your own preserve to take away.

Introduction to Soap Making*: Thurs 29 August, 5pm – 8pm

Create your own body or hand soap using plant-based soap, with eco-friendly colours, natural exfoliants and moisturisers. We will explore the therapeutic benefits of essential oils to create a harmonious blend to personalise the scent of your soap. *with Carers Count

Introduction to Candle Making*: Weds 27 November, 12 noon – 3pm

Carers Count Empire House, Dewsbury WH12 8DJ

Learn how to make your own melt and pour candle in a container, using soy wax and ecofriendly colours. We will explore the therapeutic benefits of essential oils to create a harmonious blend to personalise the scent of your candle. *with Carers Count



WORKSHOP 1: Immersive Atmosphere in Music - Date & Time TBC

The Live Room at the Music Tech Department, University of Huddersfield HD1 3DH

Overview: An introduction to Dolby Atmos and other Immersive mixing technologies, exploring the integration of Atmos mixing techniques with music mixing to create an immersive experience for the audience.


  • What is Dolby Atmos Mixing?

  • Explain the basics of spatial audio and its potential for enhancing musical experiences.

  • A brief explanation and definition of Atmos Mixing and Binaural Rendering.

  • Demonstration: How to adapt traditional compositions to an Atmos environment.

  • Participants experiment with Atmos mixing tools and techniques. 

Key Takeaway: 

Participants will gain insights into the synergy between Atmos music mixing, enabling them to create immersive audio experiences.

WORKSHOP 2: Raga Exploration: Unravelling the Emotions - Date & Time TBC

Phipps Hall, The Music Department, University of Huddersfield HD1 3DH

Overview: Delve into the intricate world of Indian Classical music, exploring the emotions and moods associated with and evoked by different ragas.


  • A brief overview of the concept, structure,and significance of ragas in Indian Classical music.

  • A discussion about how notes and phrases evoke specific feelings. 

  • Practical demonstration of the expressive capabilities of different ragas 

  • Interactive section: Participants share their personal interpretations of the emotions conveyed by various ragas

Key Takeaway: 

Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the emotional intricacies within Indian Classical music.

WORKSHOP 3: Sound Effects and Audio for Video - Date & Time TBC

The Live Room at the Music Tech Department, University of Huddersfield HD1 3DH

Overview: An introduction to the use of free software tools to make sound effects and audio for video clips.


  • Explore the use of some of the free sound tools available

  • Making effective sound effects and audio for online and other used

  • Practical work using some free and/or open source audio tools for mac/PC and iOS.

  • Participants encouraged to bring any devices (laptop, tablet, phone ...) so that they will be able to carry on after the session.

Key Takeaway: 

Participants will learn about how sound can enhance any recording or live work and what free software is available; a truly accessible session.


VISUAL ARTS BY PCT (Paddock Community Trust)


An introduction to digital photography and the basics of camera operation. Get hands-on experience with a digital camera, mastering its settings and functionalities, while delving into the basics of composition and the exposure triangle. Join us outdoors, weather permitting, to apply your newfound knowledge and ignite your passion for photography.

Tues 27 Feb / 10am - 2pm - Jo Cox House, 90 Commercial Street, Batley WF17 5DS

Tues 12 Mar / 10am - 2pm - The Media Centre, 7 Northumberland Street, Huddersfield, HD1 1RL


Discover the joy of digital photography with our tailored taster session for over 50's. Get hands-on experience with a digital camera, learning its settings and functionalities in a supportive environment. From learning about composition to understanding the exposure triangle, this session promises to ignite your passion for photography and equip you with the basics to start capturing stunning images. Join us for an enriching experience that blends learning with fun, perfect for beginners looking to learn more about photography.

Weds 28 Feb / 10am - 2pm - The Media Centre, 7 Northumberland Street, Huddersfield, HD1 1RL

Weds 13 Mar / 10am - 2pm - Jo Cox House, 90 Commercial Street, Batley WF17 5DS

INTRODUCTION TO THE ART OF HENNA - Weds 27 Mar / 10.30am - 1.30pm

Paddock Community Trust, Jo Cox House, 90 Commercial Street, Batley WF17 5DS

Learn about the world of Henna, history and facts whilst developing skills in the art of intricate designs using henna cones and templates. Our carefully curated sessions are designed to nurture trust, build relationships, and empower you to express yourself confidently through the beautiful medium of henna art.

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